Brian Hill - Senior Pastor








Brian is responsible for helping the congregation to reach people for Christ, develop disciples and live lives of compassion, mercy, and justice. He preaches, teaches, works with leaders and tries to reach out to the people in the community as much as possible.


Paul Fortenberry- Music Minister








Paul's primary responsibility is preparing and leading the congregation in worship. He also coordinates the practice and performance schedules of music groups and individuals in the functions of the church.

Currently, Bro. Paul is conducting the Christmas Cantata practices every Sunday night. Performances are TBA!


Michael McKnight- Youth Minister








Michael directs the ministries to Middle School and High school students to help them develop a faith that sticks into college and beyond. A big part of this ministry involves in depth Bible studies on Sunday Mornings, life-application studies on Sunday Nights, and Youth team building activities on Wednesdays. He loves being given the opportunity to build relationships with teens and help them develop their identity in Christ in this critical part of their life.

Other Interests

Michael loves playing Ultimate Frisbee, Disk Golf, hanging out with friends, playing Pokemon GO, and spending time with his wife, Meghan, and their two cats.


Associates in Drafting and Design from HCC

High School Diploma from Brandon High School